SIC Play 2 Earn

The SIC Soccer League is a football auto-battle game in which a player runs his club and competes against players from all over the world. Flavio is primarily a coach, scout, and manager.


Each holder starts off with a set amount of common players (5 or 11), one common scout, and a head coach.

Sending scouts out in search for players in other countries, holders will have the option in selecting the duration for a period of searching. The longer one decides to search… the higher probability one will discover a more skilled player.

Scouts are considered “staking” due to the amount of time one chooses to seem for player. Player’s traits and skills will be unlocked once seeking is finished.

Additional information on our P2E games and tokenization aspect will be updated and discussed in spaces & AMA’s with our team and developers.

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Football player characteristics

Players can be placed in a predetermined position on the field. If he is not in the optimal position, he has a penalty on the characteristics. The match is with a random opponent of similar strength. The simulation of the match with the visual presentation takes place automatically (so-called auto-battler). The match lasts one minute (30 seconds per half).

  • Attack
  • Midfield
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • Long shot
  • Flopping
  • Penalty
  • Stamina
  • Roles descriptions

    • 1 manager (passively increases income from victories)
    • 3 scouts (the higher the rarity, the greater the chance of bringing a better player)
    • 3+ coaches (boosts players over time + passive bonus in matches + player characteristics)

    Future: All players in the world play for a country and collect points for it. We have global leaderboard stats.

    Additional Information

    • Through earning or selling players, holders will earns in-game currency, SIC token, which will be tokenized in the future
    • Same in-game currency will be used throughout all P2E games & Hotels
    • Holders will be able to upgrade their player’s abilities and skills, team stadium, and other unique features


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