Flavio is a really rare bird species, one of a kind. From the beginning, and it's been over 20 years, Flavio's favorite nest was hotels.

They are bored birds by nature, and they love to hang out in hotel resorts, bothering other guests with their lame jokes.

Instinctively, so they wouldn't die of boredom, they started to create games, and during the years they developed a few fun games, helping them survive.

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SIC will purchase high-end plots of land within multiple Metaverse worlds (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Otherdeed for Otherside, etc.) in order to create a chain of SIC Hotels.

Each hotel will consist its own unique experience and activities. Some floors will include a lobby/lounge area where all can come together, socialize, and truly interact within the community. A conference room for guest speakers to share their stories and knowledge, as well as panels for our holders in order to give a platform for their goals and ambitions. And of course, an arcade where our holders can experience our developed P2E games.

We envision to create that “ultimate getaway experience” an every day experience for our holders.

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SIC Play 2 Earn

Holders will be able to access our developed P2E games within our hotels. Through our games, holders will be able to participate and earn SIC tokens, used to enhance the skills of each unique Flavio. Holders will be able to go head-to-head with one another in our games and prove their skills to the world as they grow together as a community.

Additional information on our P2E games and tokenization aspect will be updated and discussed in spaces & AMA’s with our team and developers.


SIC idea started 6 years ago with group of founders and friends who where renting


SIC idea started 6 years ago with group of founders and friends who where renting houses in silicon valley to live together and work on new ideas. Trough time almost 300 people went through those hoses including startups founders, crypto enthusiast, investors. From that community ventures have been made with market cap over hundreds of millions of dollars including dobjoy, poviolabs, fillrougecap etc. The team realized this model can be scaled with web 3.0 technology where community can learn from each other and be part of each other success.

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